For a federal new deal

Many parts of Catalan society feel deeply dissatisfied with how Catalonia currently fits into the rest of Spain. Dissatisfaction made worse by the economic crisis, the policies of the PP government marked by their characteristics of recentralization and the inability shown by the governments of CiU and PP to reach any agreements to solve the problem.

The governments of Mas and Rajoy are incapable of fighting against the economic crisis and stopping the increase in inequality and poverty this brings. It seems they prefer a confrontation over flags rather than tackling the real problems that citizens face. The PP government only knows how to demand that the law be respected while avoiding offering any solutions, whereas the CiU government, swept along by their agreement with ERC, offers only false unilateral solutions.

The Catalan socialists, on the other hand, do not resign ourselves to conflict and instead offer a real solution, a federal style agreement fully coherent with our values of freedom, equality, fraternity and solidarity; an agreement that reflects the world of growing interdependencies and shared sovereignty in which we live, an agreement that avoids a clash of identities and social breakdown in accordance with diverse feelings of belonging. It is an agreement based on dialogue, negotiation and deals. An agreement that must be ratified by our vote because there will be no stable solution until it is put to a vote by the citizens.

As agreed in Granada by all the socialists of Spain: “We believe that in federalism we can find the best solutions to acknowledge, respect and integrate the diverse national aspirations that coexist in Spain, social cohesion, equality, and the best answers to the problems of our communities in an integrating and efficient state”.

That is why we call for a Federal reform of the Spanish Constitution that should serve to find agreement on the following questions:


Transformation of the state of the autonomies into a Federal state.


Recognition of the individual singularities of the historical nationalities, taking into account differentiating features and historical rights recognized in the Constitution and current Statutes.
(article 5 of the autonomous statute of Catalonia).


A precise definition of the competencies of the state and a designation of all others to the Autonomous Communities.


The incorporation of social rights such as rights of citizenship and the guarantee of exercising those rights in conditions of equality.


The consideration of linguistic, educational and cultural issues as strictly belonging to those communities with their own language.


The constitutionalization of a system of financing for the Autonomous Communities outlining the principles of solidarity and ordinality
(understanding this last point as mentioned in STC 31/2010 of 282 June in legal basis 134 “excluding the worst possible relative condition in relation to those contributing with respect to those benefiting”).


The territorialisation of the system of governance of judicial power.


The transformation of the current Senate into a Federal Congress with the presence of the Autonomous Governments.


A deepening of the democratic, participative and deliberative character of our political and institutional system.


A strengthening of local government as a guarantee of social cohesion, vectors of economic development and a central column of territoriality.

Our absolute priority is to drive an agreement, a constitutional reform put to the vote of all citizens. In the same way our specific proposal does not exclude other possibilities of political agreement to resolve the problem of the relationship between Catalonia and the rest of Spain.

In short, and we will not tire of saying it, the socialists of Catalonia will go on working towards an agreement between Catalonia and the rest of Spain that can be put to the vote of the citizens of our country, because we will not resign ourselves to maintaining an

unsustainable situation, nor having one of conflict, rupture or positions of confrontation one against the other.

We are convinced that there is a social majority prepared to back with their vote a new agreement and we are committed to making it possible with our effort, our proposals and willingness to debate and enrich it with the contributions of others. In doing so, we remain loyal to our foundational compromise, both pro-Catalan and Federalist to guarantee the civil unity of our people and to permanently look for connections of understanding with the other peoples of Spain.